The visual is mostly the starting point for multi-sensory experiences to shape how spaces and brands feel.

The products we design are enhancing your experience such as culinary treats, unique interior pieces, art, sound
and lifestyle must-haves.  

From desserts, coffee & tea to bites and treats like:  brioche buns, loafs, vegan patties and other.  

We create fusion food and beverages that stir the senses,
unique products that are designed to compliment any space or event.

From Choco Puffs to Choco Blends. We have what it takes to calm down a Cocoa Freak! ORDER HERE

We like to start the week with fresh baked bread, every Monday!

Need the bites that everyone likes? ORDER HERE

Through all senses to create an emotional connection. Vegan Beanpats! ORDER HERE

Rare Inc – Indonesian Coffees, the best taste and scents delivered to you right now. ORDER HERE

Soon invading your space! Poffs  & Crumbs (Poffertjes)

We survived on Cocoa Freaks. The Choco Blend, Cinnamon and the Hot Chocolate.  

Coming soon! Foreign Teas. The Cinnamon Spice and the Green Ginger. 

We design pieces that enhance your experience at home, 
in the office, space or event. 

Original pieces for your space, made by us. 

Abstract,patterns and shapes. 

Pop-art, vintage and illustration

Colors and shades. Visuals that explore the senses. 

Lamps, lighting and ambiance enhancers. 

Bar and table designs. 

Sustainable materials and durability. 

Create connections that last. 

Connect with us and find out more.  

The Scents of Bread

We like to start the week with fresh baked bread, so we only bake on Monday and Tuesday.

We only deliver on Tuesday!!!

Place your orders before Friday, and we will send your orders on Tuesday. (13:00 – 15:00) 

We only bake what has been ordered to eliminate waste and energy. 


Desserts, Pizza Crush, Classic Regular Buns, Brioche Buns + Loafs