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Foreign scents
is an uphill destination
within a secret green terraced
botanical garden

A place of constant celebration

Foreign Scents Garden Cafe is located in the hills of Dago-Atas, Bandung. A fresh, healthy hideaway from the buzz and fuzz of city life. Our selection of fusion bites and drinks has been curated to stir the senses. The grass is definitely greener on this side. A place of constant celebration xxx 

There are various levels and spaces that can be used interchangeably for different occasions. Lounge spots, outdoor dining spaces, quiet corners, meeting rooms, exhibitions space, several garden spots and the beautiful stairs leading uphill to the wood carved gazebos, fruit trees and great panorama views. Everyone is free to find his spot to chill, nip-nosh on some healthy bites and drinks, work or just to enjoy the moment. 

The cafe and surrounding space are built with West-European elements, while the garden is full with local and foreign flowers, herbs and trees. An eclectic blend of modern meets vintage where in and outdoor spaces become one. The whole place breathes a bohemian flair where art, sounds and fashion meet each-other. Pick up a space map at the front to see ” what is where” in our garden. 

This is the best place for nature lovers, creatives and curiosity seekers.


Our selection of fusion bites and drinks has been curated to stir the senses. The kitchen is green first, and everyday we bake our own bread, hand tear our salad, brew our tea and coffee, and make our own signature dressings and sauces. 

Our produce is delivered fresh and 70% of the vegetables, fruits and ingredients we use are from our own garden or produced locally. 

Several signature bites and drinks: All our bread (buns & mini-baguettes) are home-made and always fresh. Our signature hot & cold chocolate drinks for the Cocoa Freaks attract people from far away. Our home-made sought after plant based patties are always available. Premium teas, delicious Salads, tahoe and kimchi fritters and more.

A place of constant celebration where friendships are made and ideas are born.

We are part of The Blend Within which connects people & cultures through similarities. Our spaces are connected and made to support creativity, cultural and social exchange. A healthy environment for art and outdoor experiments. Work, play and meet in the creative spaces, meeting rooms, exhibitions space, garden, lounge and more. 


In addition, the spaces of The Blend Within & ‘Foreign Scents” are a sought-after location for special events day or night! We also host special programs and collaborations. We hope you will join us soon for an after film talk, coffee, a snack, or a satisfying dessert!


Go where you never been before xoxo