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through experiences

spaces of constant celebration

We design ambiances and experiences for spaces, brands, events and products. 

Since 2016 we have been working on several  exhibitions, creating the ambiance, sounds and culinary parts of the design. In 2020 we created a 700 m2 place that was set up to be a combination of several spaces (exhibition space, lounge spaces, cafe, bar, garden, office & meeting space and performance space) We opened one week before pandemic and within these two years we have been open and locked down numerous times. 


The customer journey leads us through the story of your brand, where we strengthen your brand identity and enhance your products. 


Within those two years we explored new strategies to fine-tune the spaces. Adjust he sounds, improve the visuals, study the scents, explore new culinary treats and play with several emotions to create a unique experience. 


Inspiration came from an unexpected angle but we had time to test different concepts. We created concepts & products for gardens, home & living, interior, exhibitions and the fuel that kept us going “world fusion bites and drinks”. Celebrate the experience of senses.

We want to design spaces, brands and products of tomorrow to create positive memories.

We are connected and work closely with The Blend Within (creative and intercultural platform) and Finer Blend (Creative Agency) . We work with designers of other practices such as creative agencies, architect firms, fashion designers, planners, managers to design the best experience.