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A place of constant celebration

Foreign Scents is
wherever we are, a journey to a destination, beyond imagination.

Our selection of fusion bites and drinks has been curated 
to stir the senses. A hideaway for the buzz and fuzz of
city life. A place of constant celebration where
friendships are made and ideas are born.
Best place for nature lovers, creatives and
curiosity seekers. (read more) 

Every friday #Health-b4-weekend
best smoothie bowls in bandung / get healthy!
be sure to try the bohemian,Lushamush or chili li patty / vegan burger
our signature teas are a must try. see you at foreign scents



Since the opening and throughout the unbelievable year of 2020, we survived mainly on the hot Winter Chocolate, Chocomon Golden Turmeric or the cold Choco Blend. These chocolate drinks are one of a kind, and among the best you will ever find. Get one… Soon! read more…

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Weekly Events

We Love Friday 

Blend Society

Sunday Pic-Nic

Eclectic Nights

Foreign Scents is the place to be, every freaking loving Friday for a Botanical Garden Party. Akoetronik Clash / Live music / Open Mic / New talents and more. 

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Blend Society “Our Future World” is a monthly curated collection of intercultural network meet-ups, speaker events and conversations designed to connect people and cultures through culture, creativity + technology. 

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Every Sunday we have different DIY platters. Fresh Spring Rolls, Tortilla Wraps, Campfire Baked Potatoes and more. We play our chill, sunshine and the grass is always greener on this side playlist. 

Every Saturday “Eclectic Nights” at Foreign Scents | The Blend Within. 

A dope electronic music inspired playlist / good vibes / 2FOR1 (Foreign-cocktails) from 7PM ’till late. 


Don't believe everything you read, and get more social than ever. xxx